August is National Immunization Awareness Month

Vaccines are recommended throughout our lives. The purpose of this observance is to highlight the importance of immunizations, one of the top 10 public health accomplishments of the 20th Century, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).   While immunizations have significantly reduced the incidence of many serious infectious diseases, vaccination rates […] Continue Reading »

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Salmonella in Eggs: An Unwelcome Summer Visitor

  Eggs and summer go together: deviled eggs, homemade ice cream, and potato salad. But, just a few hours outside of the refrigerator and your eggs can create lasting memories that you’d rather forget. This summer, make sure that eggs carrying Salmonella don’t come to your next outing.   Summer is the perfect season for […] Continue Reading »

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World Hepatitis Day 2013

On 28 July 2013, the World Hepatitis Alliance will coordinate the fifth global World Hepatitis Day. World Hepatitis Day is one of only four official world disease awareness days endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its 194 member states. The aim for 2012 is to continue to raise awareness of chronic hepatitis B […] Continue Reading »

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