The mission of the Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department is to protect and promote the public health of the citizens of Harrison County by encouraging healthy lifestyles and upholding and implementing all public health laws and regulations.


In August 1921, an ordinance was passed by the Clarksburg City Council providing for the establishment of a full time health department for the city of Clarksburg. In 1924, the Harrison County Court established the Harrison County Health Department. This department included one full time physician, two nurses trained in public health, and a combination clerk/technician. On July 1, 1953, these two departments were consolidated to form the Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department. Until March 1977, the Harrison- Clarksburg Health Department operated out of the same four rooms in the Harrison County Court House that the Harrison County Health Department had occupied. At that time, it was relocated to the offices in the Harrison County Correctional Center. In 1999, the Health Department moved to the Policano Building on Third Street in Clarksburg and made the recent move to Main Street March 2005.

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