Family Planning Clinic

This family planning clinic provides contraceptive education and counseling. A complete male exam is offered, STD screening and free condoms. In addition this clinic provides for females a complete gynecological exam including a Pap smear, breast exam and STD screening. This service offers free contraceptives including birth control pills, Depo Provera injections, Nuvaring, Ortho Evra patches, IUD insertions, diaphragms, foam and condoms. Referrals are provided for IUD insertions. Referral for emergency contraception is available for women who had unprotected intercourse within the last 72 hours and do not desire pregnancy. Pregnancy testing with referrals and counseling is offered. This clinic is offered every Thursday by appointment only.

Pregnancy testing only is offered every Monday at 10 AM with no appointment necessary.

This clinic’s fees are on a sliding fee scale based on income with most services free of charge. This clinic is for any female or male of childbearing age, including adolescents. Those that are uninsured or underinsured are also eligible.

Contact: April Custer at 304-623-9308

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