TB Screening and Control

TB Test

TB Screening is available to any person, adult or child, needing a TB test. There is a $20.00 fee for this service.  This clinic is offered every Tuesday 9-11 AM or 1-3 PM, no appointment is necessary.

This service includes providing PPD (Mantoux)TB testing. This TB test is only recommended for individuals considered at high risk (have possibly been exposed to TB), new enrollees in the public school system, school employees and volunteers, and healthcare workers. There is a risk assessment questionnaire that the individual requesting the test must complete. If this person is not considered high risk, then a TB letter will be given to the person stating they do not need a TB test at this time. This letter is good for one year. If a person receives a PPD they must return in 72 hours to have the site evaluated and documentation given. The fee for this test is $15.00.

TB Treatment

In order to be eligible for the TB Program you must be an active TB case or a positive PPD reactor. There are no income guidelines. This program provides free tuberculosis medications and monitoring for active TB cases or PPD reactors. It also provides directly observed therapy for active TB cases. An individual must have a physician’s order/referral to receive these services. In addition this program provides contact tracing and follow-up of active TB cases. Tuberculosis (TB) Program Clinic is by appointment only.

TB Resources


Contact Name: Jill Stalnaker Contact Phone: (304)623-9308

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